Facebook Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of Messenger With New Features

Facebook Inc. (FB) is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its messaging platform with ten new features, the company announced in a blog post on Thursday. These features include polls, word games, and birthday gifting via Facebook’s payment portal.

The post made by Facebook’s Vice President of Messaging Platforms Loredana Crisan states that many of the features will roll out immediately, while the rest will be introduced later.

The post said, “Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen tremendous growth and transformation, but our purpose has stayed the same: to help people stay closely connected to those who matter.”

Most Likely To: A polling game that the users can play with their contacts, the post said, “You can now play “Most likely to” in polls to help you discover what your friends really think about topics like who is “most likely to give gifts on their own birthday? “, “most likely to fight zombies while everyone else runs away? ” and “most likely to miss their flight? “.” Users can play the game in their group chats, by looking for the option in the “Polls” tab.

Birthday Cash Gifting: This US-only service will allow users to send cash to their contacts and the recipients will just have to confirm their Facebook Pay details to receive the cash in their respective bank accounts.

Birthday Chat theme and special sticker packs: In this feature, the users can choose the new birthday theme as well as a new sticker pack that celebrates Messenger’s 10-year completion. Options to send songs via Soundmoji using message effects are also included.

Sharing contacts: Moving away from the celebration-themed features, Messenger will now let the users send Facebook contacts more simply with just a couple of taps.

Word Effects: According to the post, the word effect is a personalized feature that will allow the users to assign special emojis to certain words and that emoji will pop up every time that word is used. You now have the perfect way to highlight inside jokes, relive your memories and add extra delight to your favorite phrases, like that song lyric stuck in your head or “Happy Birthday”.” However, this feature is yet to roll out.

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