Trump Says All Parts Of US In Good Shape As Some States Tiptoeing To Reopen

President Donald Trump says all parts of the country are either in good shape or getting better based on reports that the infection rate has dropped significantly in several hotspots, including New York.

Some states such as Texas, Alaska, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee and South Carolina are taking their first steps toward reopening.

At a routine White House news conference on Monday, the President said COVID-19 cases in New York area, New Orleans, Detroit, Boston, and Houston are declining.

“Denver, Seattle, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Nashville, Indianapolis, and St. Louis are all stable and declining. All parts of the country are either in good shape, (or) getting better. In all cases, getting better. And we’re seeing very little that we’re going to look at as a superseding hotspot,” he told reporters.

The pandemic has so far infected 988,469 people and killed 56,253 others in the country, according to data compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

Of all the infections reported in the U.S., 291,996 are in New York, the epicenter of the deadly virus in the U.S. The number of casualties reached 22668 in the state, as of John Hopkins’ 7:00 a.m. ET update on Tuesday.

Including New York, 10 states have reported more than 1000 deaths due to the deadly virus.

New Jersey (6044 deaths and 111188 infections), Michigan (3407 deaths, 38210 infections), Massachusetts (3003 deaths and 56462 infections), Louisiana (1740 deaths, 27068 infections), Illinois (1983 death, 45883 infections), Pennsylvania (1906 deaths, 43648 infections), California (1788 deaths, 45200 infections) Connecticut (2012 deaths, 25997 infections), Florida (1088 deaths, 32138 infections), Georgia (995 deaths, 24212 infections) and Washington (764 deaths, 13686 infections) are the other worst-affected states.

In a shocking incident, a top doctor who was fighting coronavirus on war-footing in New York City has ended her life. The Charlottesville Police Department confirmed that 49 year-old Dr Lorna Breen’s death on Sunday was suicide.

Dr. Breen, who was medical director of the emergency department at New York-Presbyterian Allen Hospital in Manhattan, had returned for duty after recuperating from coronavirus infection.

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