VP Harrier And Giant Pinner Bicycle Pedals Recalled

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC announced the recall of VP Harrier and Giant Pinner DH bicycle pedals, citing fall and injury risks.

The recall involves about 5,400 units or 2,700 pairs of Harrier and Giant Pinner DH bicycle pedals, manufactured by Taiwan’s VP Components.

Newbury Park, California-based Giant Bicycle Inc. imported the Giant Pinner DH model pedals to the United States, while the importer of the Harrier pedals is unknown, the CPSC noted.

The pedals were sold separately from bicycles, through Bicycle stores across the nation and online at various websites from around May 2017 through December 2017 for between $113 and $116 each.

The pedals are red, silver or black-colored with Harrier or Giant printed on the pedal body.

In the pedal, a spindle extends through the body, and one end of the spindle is attached to the end of the crank arm of the bicycle. The other end of the spindle is secured to the pedal body with a fastener.

According to the agency, the pedal body can separate from the pedal spindle resulting in a loss of balance. This could result in fall and cause injury to the rider.

The recall was initiated after VP Components received 79 reports of broken spindles and one report of a rider injured in a fall.

The agency urged consumers to stop using the recalled bicycle pedals and contact the bike shop or online retailer for free replacement pedals.

Meanwhile, the CPSC has issued a notice in its website, saying that some of the remedies may not be available at this time due to the coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic. However, the agency asked consumers to stop using the recalled products.

In recent recalls, Woom bikes USA in mid-March called back about 5,500 units of Woom model 4, 5, 6 bicycles, noting that the bicycle’s front fork can loosen and detach, posing fall and injury risks to the rider.

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