5 ‘common’ bedroom mistakes to ‘avoid’ a ‘cheap and tacky’ aesthetic

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Whether as an oasis of calm, a sea of tranquillity, or a facilitator of a good night’s sleep, bedrooms play a major part in our lives as people typically spend around a third of their lives there. However, they are often undervalued during home renovations and can be overlooked in favour of redecorating the living space or kitchen. To help you avoid this,  Nic Shacklock, designer at Online-Bedrooms.co.uk, has shared five “common mistakes” to avoid.

He said: “While many believe the living room to be the pride of a home, it’s just as important to have your personal sleeping space up to the same high standard.

“One of the biggest fears for homeowners is deciding to make a change to the bedroom, as the wrong choice of paint or an additional piece of furniture can instantly make a room appear cheap and tacky. To prevent this fear from becoming a reality, we’ve put together five common mistakes every household should avoid that can make a bedroom look cheap.”

1. No headboards 

According to the designer, having no headboards is a “big no-no” when it comes to bedroom design, as you’ll be left thinking “something is missing” every time you step into the room. 

He added: “It cheapens the appearance of the bed and looks like little effort has been put into decorating the space.”

A headboard can be a central piece of a bedroom’s decor. For those looking for an easy way to give their bedroom an upgraded look, a headboard might be the right choice. 

Headboards come in a large variety of different materials and designs, and the right one can create an attractive backdrop – making a bed stand out from the wall in more ways than one. 

2. Too much furniture 

While many love furniture, having everything in one space can give off a very “cluttered” appearance. 

Trying to incorporate everything from a desk and sofa to a TV stand and wardrobes can become too much. 

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Instead Nic suggested: “Be realistic about what you can place in the bedroom and don’t try to overfill the space with everything, or it’ll cheapen the overall look. 

“A clear walkway needs to be left intact to make a room feel breathable and fresh looking.”

3. Clashing patterns 

Fabrics are a great way to bring pattern and texture into the home from upholstery to drapes. 

It may sound simple, but there is an art to balancing textures in the home’s interior.

The expert said: “Avoid wallpaper that clashes with the bedroom furniture as it can make the room appear distasteful. 

“The same applies to bedding which can often be overlooked. If the design clashes with the wall or other pieces of furniture, it can make the space look sore to the eye.”

4. Themed rooms

Simplicity is “essential”, as sticking to a minimalistic feel makes a room more “clean and expensive”, according to Nic. 

He said: “You don’t want to walk into an overly themed room or a space where everything is one colour. 

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“There’s nothing wrong with a simple theme, if anything it’s good to have one! But going overboard will make it look cheap and unpleasant to look at.”

5. Photos 

A picture of the family framed on the wall, or even by the bedside table, is lovely to have in the room, but households shouldn’t stick the photo directly onto the wall. 

The designer explained: “Blue tac, tape, or even glue to hang pictures on can make a bedroom feel cluttered and unrefined and isn’t worth the heavy costs of damaged paintwork.

“We recommend sticking to simple frames or leaving the photos in an album collection to avoid a messy display.”

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