‘As good as new!’ Clean It, Fix It star shares ‘secret ingredient’ for oven cleaning

Clean It, Fix It: How to clean your oven with baking soda

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Clean It, Fix It cleaning star Maxine Dwyer has detailed her “secret ingredient” for cleaning the inside of an oven. The cleaning pro, who was also joined by co-stars DIY star Tommy Walsh and carpenter Asher Edwards on the show, used an everyday household ingredient known as baking soda, or bicarbonate of soda, to tackle the grimy oven. Maxine, who owns one of the UK’s top extreme cleaning companies, also shared how to clean oven racks easily in the sink.

Before she started cleaning the oven, she started by heating it up.

“Once it’s warm, I’m gonna add in my secret ingredient in order to get the grease and grime off,” she said.

Low oven temperatures help melt grease for easy cleaning.

However, homeowners need to remember to turn the oven off and let surfaces cool before starting.

She put the oven racks in the sink with some degreaser.

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Kitchen degreasers are specially designed to break down and dissolve grease, oil and wax.

Some supermarkets and DIY stores stock them.

Maxine then used a scourer to scrape along the oven rack and remove the grime.

“It looks nearly as good as new,” she said.

The ingredients for Maxine’s oven cleaning solution can be found in most people’s cupboards.

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“What I’ve got here is a warm oven and a potion of baking soda and water.

“All I need to do is smear it on and wait for the magic to work.”

Oven grease from food particles is usually acidic.

Baking soda is alkaline and breaks down the grease.

It is also mildly abrasive which helps to remove the stuck-on food.

Maxine smears the solution onto the oven glass and interior of the oven using gloved hands.

She then left the baking soda to work for around 10 minutes.

Later on, Maxine revealed how well the cleaning solution worked on the oven.

She said: “Look at the difference. Can you see it working? Look at that. How clean is that?

“Take your time and do it in a circular motion and then you’ve got a sparkling clean.”

She scrubbed the baking soda on the oven using a circular motion and a scourer.

The grime was easily removed by the solution, leaving the oven sparklingly clean.

Clean It, Fix It can be streamed on BBC iPlayer

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