‘Brings them up like new’ ‘Easiest’ method to clean oven racks

Mrs Hinch reveals super effective oven cleaning hack

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Using an oven regularly – even once a day for dinner – can lead to oven racks getting dirty. Baked-on grease, sticky grime and burned-on food debris can accumulate and cause unpleasant smells in ovens. Many households have self-cleaning ovens which are great for banishing any grime from the interior of ovens.

However, not every oven has this function which means oven racks and trays have to be cleaned by hand.

Luckily, fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, have shared their simple solution for cleaning oven racks without “scrubbing”.

The cleaning and lifestyle influencer has more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram and often shares her garden and home tips online.

Fans of hers have taken to social media in recent years to share their own hacks for solving common household problems.

On one such group, Facebook user Kate Hamilton asked: “What’s the best cleaner for oven trays and racks please?”

The post was inundated with responses from Mrs Hinch fans but the most popular suggestion was to use Oven Pride.

Julie Bellis replied: “Definitely Oven Pride. Brings them up like new and no scrubbing.”

Louise McGuirk said: “Oven Pride. It’s the easiest way I have come across.

“Put 3/4 of the bottle in a bag with racks and try to rub what’s left on the inside of the oven. Leave overnight and rinse in the morning.”

Rach Erdogan suggested: “I use Elbow Grease cooker cleaner/Oven Pride (pretty much similar thing).

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“Put the racks in the bag with the liquid and leave for a few hours, then pour the remaining liquid in the cooker bottom and spread around the base, wait and wipe/wash out. Easy.”

Eilidh Yule commented: “Oven Pride all the way. Chuck it in the bag, leave it overnight, cut a hole in the bottom of the bag and rinse it in the bath with the shower. The gloop that comes off is very satisfying.”

Teuta Tusha shared a photo of Oven Pride. She added: “Follow the instructions, it’s the best of the best oven cleaner I have ever used in my life.

“Just be careful because it’s a very strong chemical. As I said in the other comments I’m a very experienced cleaner.”

Oven Pride is available to buy in most local supermarkets and online.

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Oven Pride Complete Oven Cleaner can be found in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and Asda for £4.

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included using a dishwasher tablet, dish soap, soap powder, Mr Muscle oven cleaner, Pink Stuff paste and bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar.

Jane Anderson said: “Dishwasher tablet soaked overnight in the bath with hot water.”

Lynette Phillips replied: “Put dishwasher tablets in the tray with hot water leave to soak.”

Sharon Booth wrote: “I put my racks into a large bin liner and spray with Mr Muscle oven cleaner.

“I turn them regularly and sometimes leave overnight, then place them into the dishwasher.”

Sharon Giles said: “Soak overnight in a big tray so you can cover it with hot boiling water and Fairy liquid.

“Scrub with a metal scourer. It falls off plus it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Always do mine this way.”

Emma Mattock replied: “Pink stuff paste and metal scourer wash off with hot soapy water – new in minutes.”

Fiona Bell commented: “Soap powder in the bath. Let them soak a while and rub them with steel wool. Mine’s come out gleaming.”

Amy Franken Jacobs suggested: “Baking soda and vinegar. It’ll bubble and come out gleaming with a little steel wool!”

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