Canadian clinical psychologist tells Tucker why he believes Americans are resilient

Jordan Peterson: America’s current transformation a sign of ‘historical ignorance’

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson joins Fox Nation’s ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ to discuss the current state of the nation.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson argues that the nation’s current push towards systematic transformation does not take into consideration America’s greatest historical triumphs.

In a new episode of Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today,” the doctor explained that although historically American institutions have shown flaws, the movement for “revolutionary” change is counterproductive.

“Regards to the institutions we’ve formulated, I would say, in the last several hundred years in the West — because they are extraordinarily functional by historical standards, and by world standards for that matter,” he said.


“Flawed though they may be, they’re better than anything that’s ever been produced,” he continued. “And to think that you can, by some whim, magically make them better – especially as a consequence of some revolutionary transformation that’s ideologically predicated; it’s a sign both of profound historical ignorance and overarching narcissism — and deep, deep hidden multivalence – a combination of all those things.”

As a Canadian, Peterson pointed out his appreciation for the resiliency of American history – and stressed that no matter how ugly past tribulations may have been, America continuously comes out on top.

“I’ve learned never to count out the Americans, speaking as a Canadian,” he said. “Your country has been through all sorts of upheavals in the past. Things were quite unstable, say between 1968 to 1972, probably about as unstable as they are now, perhaps even more so. And you sailed through with flying colors.”

“You have an incredibly diverse culture, with many, many pockets of independent strength, constant creativity, constant ability to renew yourselves in the aftermath of setbacks… I believe that the threat posed by these nonsensical ideologies is genuine.”

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