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CHRISTMAS preparations are already fully underway in most households, but this year could look a little different.

It seems that children are turning away from rushing downstairs to open the presents they find under the tree.

In fact, it seems that most children don’t want to unwrap presents at all, and instead want something else for the holiday.

As reported by Kotaku, children are asking for more video game-related goods for the holidays than ever before.

But it’s not the usual consoles and games that kids want to receive for Christmas, but rather online-only goods.

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More than ever before children are asking their parents for in-game currencies like Fortnite V-Bucks, or Roblox Robux, and subscriptions to these games.

The Entertainment Software Association’s (ESA’s) study found that 72% of children wanted something video game-related for Christmas.

Of the gifts asked for 39% wanted a video game subscription, while 29% wanted in-game currency for Christmas.

A small percentage, 22%, still asked for physical games, but the trend to stick with their favourite live-service games seems to be becoming more popular year on year.

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Expensive consoles are still a popular choice, with 38% of children wanting one, but this works in conjunction with their in-game currencies.

Digital games are becoming more popular, and studies report up to 90% of games purchased are now digital downloads.

The next most popular gift after video games, subscriptions and currency were also not physical gifts.

As many as 70% of the children who responded wanted gift cards for the holidays rather than having gifts chosen for them.

Not only are children asking for games and gaming-related gifts but it seems that parents will be buying them.

A massive 57% of parents plan on getting their children something video game-related for Christmas, with the average parent planning to spend a massive $500 on gifts.

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Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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