China says it's leading world in race for 6G internet that's 100 TIMES faster than 5G – trumping US and UK

CHINA is claiming to be a world leader in 6G technology, according to reports.

The tech is said to be 100 times faster than 5G and could provide coverage to users underwater and outer space.

The official roll out of 6G is still thought to be years away but lots of countries are racing to be the first to develop the tech.

5G can already let people download a film in seconds and supports self-driving cars so it's thought 6G could take industries to another level.

According to Telecoms, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), announced via Chinese state run media that it was leading the world in terms of 6G.

CNIPA made the announcement on World Intellectual Property Day.

It said of all the 38,000 patents for 6G currently in the world, 35% belonged to Chinese companies.

That's a staggering 13,449 patented 6G concepts and ideas.

In comparison, the US was second with 18% of patented 6G ideas.

The EU has also started 6G research projects so there isn't just one country with a huge advantage.

There's also been talk about how 6G could impact militaries across the world with new high speed tech.

Artificial intelligence is expected to play a large role in 6G and China is said to have 75% of the 6G patents associated with AI.

CNIPA has told China to "utilize its technological advantage in 5G to continue staying ahead."

It also advised partnering with Japanese companies like Samsung and Mitsubishi "to reduce reliance on American and European technologies".

Can 5G radiation cause harm?

Here’s what you need to know…

Online conspiracy theorists are claiming that 5G can cause harm.

Early theories suggested 5G could lead to cancer – and now crackpots have linked it to coronavirus too.

But it's simply impossible for 5G to cause any of these problems.

Radiation damages cells by breaking them apart, but 5G microwaves simply lack the power to do this.

5G is a low-frequency radiation, far below infrared and visible light.

In fact, it's essential that 5G is low-frequency, because higher frequencies are less useful at delivering mobile signals over large areas.

We know that this level of radiation is safe, because otherwise the visible light from our televisions would have killed us a long time ago.

Even very powerful low-frequency radiation won't hurt you. For instance, microwaves can be used in ovens to provide a heating effect – but phone signals are far less powerful than that.

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