Civil rights attorney blasts Democratic Party: 'They believe every Black man has to vote for them'

Condoleeza Rice takes jab at liberals for assuming the black vote

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell and radio talk show host Larry Elder react.

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell said on "Hannity" Tuesday that one of the reasons he plans on voting for President Trump in November is "the Democratic Party honestly believes that every Black man has to vote for them, [and that] they own us."

Terrell was reacting to comments from former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who said earlier Tuesday that America must get "to the place where when you see somebody who is Black you don't have preconceived notions of … who they are, and what they think, which is, I think, a problem of the left."

"Condoleezza Rice said the same thing that I said," Terrell told host Sean Hannity, who recalled Biden's remark on a New York City radio program that African-American voters who have difficulty deciding between himself and Trump "ain't Black."

"They (the Democratic Party) do not own me," Terrell stated. "Over a million blacks voted for Trump in 2016. There're going to be twice as many in 2020."

Terrell later gave one reason Trump might gain support among Black voters: "The Democrats will not allow Black kids school choice vouchers.

"It's outrageous," he added. "It's the number one civil rights issue: school choice and vouchers and we've got to change that."

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