Cleaning tips: How to use Mrs Hinch’s favourite product to clean bathrooms thoroughly

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Cleaning your bathroom regularly is important in decreasing surface bacteria and viruses. It is crucial for hygiene reasons and cleaning your bathroom including taps and tiled floors can stop the spread of nasty germs around the home. However there are many steps when it comes to cleaning a bathroom and cleaning experts at Zoflora have shared their top tips with

Zoflora is loved by cleaning guru Mrs Hinch and it is a concentrated disinfectant that claims to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria on surfaces.

This makes it ideal for cleaning nearly any surface and is great for the bathroom.

The product starts from £1 a bottle, and is then diluted in water to create the cleaning product.

The cleaning experts said: “Bathroom hygiene is essential to keeping your home and family safe.”

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Tiled floor

The experts commented: “You might be on top of the mopping, but even though the bathroom floor looks clean, it could still be covered in hundreds and thousands of bacteria, especially around the toilet area.

“Using Zoflora when mopping floors will ensure any harmful germs are killed as well as leaving your bathroom with a lovely fragrant aroma.”


Cleaning experts at Zoflora said: “If you think about it, baths are basically like really big sinks – and they can be just as good at breeding germs. Bacteria thrive in warm, damp places, so it’s vital to ensure you hygienically clean the bath on a regular basis.

“A trigger spray filled with diluted Zoflora is the perfect way to tackle the tub.”

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The experts added: “When you’re busy taking on the toilet, sink and bins, it’s easy to overlook bathroom surfaces. And while they may look clean, they may be harbouring harmful germs.

“Simply wiping down surfaces with Zoflora can disinfect these areas and kill any harmful bacteria and viruses.”


The cleaning experts continued: “Sinks, drains and plug holes can not only harbour harmful bacteria and viruses but also be responsible for bad odours. Using Zoflora regularly can eliminate germs and keep things smelling fresh.”

Bathroom taps

Bathroom taps are used regularly which means they can become breeding grounds for bacteria that can spread across the home.

Zoflora said: “Because of what the sink is used for, bathroom taps see a lot of dirty hands over the course of an average day. This makes them a popular spot for bacteria to hide, so make sure to disinfect all parts of the tap regularly.”


The experts added: ”Even more so than bins, toilet brushes and their holders are the ultimate germ hot spots when it comes to bathroom hygiene. These tools may form part of your regular cleaning kit, but don’t forget they need to be disinfected too!”

Shower head

Shower heads are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning because they are never touched. However experts at Zoflora explain that they may not be as clean as you think.

They said: “Shower heads: they’re clean, right? Not necessarily. Did you know your shower head can contain 300,000 times more bacteria than your front door keys? It’s because bacteria love warm, damp places, even those that are used for cleaning.”


Zoflora explained: “Bathroom bins are hotspots for germs and bad odours. By cleaning and disinfecting regularly, you’ll make sure bacteria and bad smells are kept under control.”

Sarah Fozzard, Head of Home Hygiene at Zoflora, said: “Make sure to read the instructions on the back of your disinfectant properly. For disinfectants to work, they need to be in contact with the surface for five minutes to kill the bacteria.

“Keep pets and children away from recently disinfected surfaces until they’re dry, but after that, they’re safe to touch and are considered clean. By morning, your whole bathroom will smell fragrant and fresh!”

The cleaning brand has also just launched their new ‘Botanical Collection’ consisting of two fragrances.

Peony Blush can be purchased exclusively at Home Bargains and Mrs Hinch has already explained how she has used it in her kitchen.

The second scent Rose Noir is exclusive to B&M and they both retail for £5.99 for a large 500ml bottle.

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