CNN’s Don Lemon Wipes Away Tears Talking About Chris Cuomo’s Coronavirus Diagnosis

CNN’s Don Lemon became visibly emotional while talking about his colleague and friend Chris Cuomo, who has tested positive for the coronavirus, on Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight.”

“Sorry, I said I wasn’t going to do this. Jesus,” said Lemon, who bowed his head and wiped away tears with a tissue during a segment with CNN’s senior global affairs analyst Bianna Golodryga.

“He’s probably at home laughing at me,” Lemon lightheartedly added, before explaining the “great relationship” he has with his colleague.

Check out the clip here:

Lemon had earlier ribbed Cuomo, who is continuing to broadcast while in quarantine at his home, during the handover between their shows. 

“Where’s your suit?” Lemon asked Cuomo. “I’m too sick,” Cuomo responded, saying his wife had told him “it didn’t look right for me to be sick in a funereal suit. It’s too much like what I might be buried in.”

“Yeah? Did she come down there and do some decorating and help you dress?” Lemon asked. “Nope. Nobody will come anywhere. Those stairs are a no-go zone,” Cuomo replied. “Even the dogs don’t come.”

Lemon later urged people not to “get it twisted,” saying “we know this is very serious” and “this is how Chris and I interact, we tease each other.”

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