David Beckham’s Lamborghini Gallardo up for sale – but you may have to be a Galactico to buy it | The Sun

DAVID Beckham's Lamborghini Gallardo has gone up for sale – but you might have to be a Glactico to afford it.

The Three Lions legend bought the supercar in 2004 during his time at Real Madrid.

He kept the car throughout his time with the club and even imported it back to the UK after joining LA Galaxy in 2007.

It was registered at his London address as of 2008.

Brand new, it set Becks back around £150,000 according to Ed Callow of Collecting Cars auctioneers.

This works out to about £280,000 in today's money.



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Despite the boy racer image sometimes slapped on footie stars, the Lambo has just 4,101 miles on the clock.

That's not to say it's not fit for racing though, with a five-litre V10 laying down just under 500 horsepower and putting out a top speed of 192mph.

It is expected to sell for around £130,000 at auction.

Mr Callow said: "It is ready to be enjoyed as a thrilling and highly engaging weekend toy, and would make a superb addition to a wider assembly of supercars.

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"In this auction, I would not be surprised to see the car make as much as £130,000, given its remarkably low mileage and unbeatable celebrity provenance."

The auction is set to close tomorrow evening, so any petrolheads with a spare £100,000 lying around should act fast.

The Lambo is just one of many in Beckham's extensive £3 million car collection, which includes luxury models from Bentley, Porsche and Audi.

Indeed, just last month the footballing icon attended the opening of Maserati's new UK store in the incredible bespoke model he himself designed for the manufacturer.

However, some might be surprised by the stable's humble beginnings in the form of his first car, a 1994 VW Golf.

It comes after a trove of Del Boy-Style Reliant Robins went up for sale for a substantially lower price than the Lambo.

Meanwhile, a classic Jaguar covered in Swarovski crystals hit the market – but there is a major catch.

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