DIY natural cleaning blocks to banish toilet limescale

Daily Express test using lemon to remove limescale

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Many Britons are turning their backs on chemical cleaning products in favour of natural alternatives. Kate from My Plastic Free Home on Instagram and TikTok (@my_plastic_free_home) is one of them, having recently opened The Natural Living Shop (@thenaturallivingshop) selling an array of environmentally-friendly, all-natural products.

Kate shared her simple, four-ingredient toilet “freshening” blocks which she says can leave your bathroom smelling “delightful”. The cleaning blocks use just four natural ingredients, which you might already have tucked away in a cupboard at home.

She explained: “Keep your bathroom fresh and clean with these DIY toilet fresh blocks. Use these whenever you feel your toilet needs a freshen up.”

To make the toilet blocks, Kate uses baking soda, citric acid, liquid soap and a few drops of tea tree or lemon essential oil. Then, she simply combines the ingredients in a bowl before transferring them into a mould. “I use an old ice cube tray,” she explained.

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Pop the mixture into the fridge, allowing it to set overnight, ready to be transferred into your toilet the next day. While the ingredients may seem simple, they each pose impressive benefits when it comes to cleaning your toilet.

Kate explained: “The bicarbonate of soda will help freshen the toilet and soften the water and the citric acid helps to tackle limescale.”

Both baking soda and citric acid are often recommended as simple eco-friendly swaps to incorporate into your household cleaning artillery. The alkaline nature of baking soda helps to dissolve dirt and grease in water and deodorises by changing both acidic and basic odour molecules into a neutral, more odour-free state.

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Citric acid, which is commonly found in the juice of citrus fruits, can be used to break down limescale thanks to its high level of acidity. It is also effective for removing soap scum, hard water stains and rust.

“The liquid soap helps the blocks stay solid without foaming too much as your making them,” Kate explained. ” And the essential oils are disinfecting and smell delightful.”

She added: “[The blocks] will be active for about 30 minutes whilst fizzing and then after that, you can use your toilet brush to give the bowl a little scrub.”

As an added bonus, the blocks can also keep your bathroom smelling fresh when not in use. Kate explained: “You can keep them in a bowl so they double as a room fragrance.”

How to make Kate’s DIY fresh toilet blocks

You will need:

  • One cup of baking soda
  • A quarter cup of citric acid
  • One tablespoon of liquid soap
  • 30 drops of tea tree and lemon essential oil


Mix your ingredients together in a bowl until they make a thick paste. Next, transfer the paste into a mould, such as an old ice cube tray. Leave the blocks in the fridge overnight and remove them from the mould in the morning.

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