Donna Brazile: Biden shows us what a president looks like at Dem Convention, while Trump tweets insults

Joe Biden accepts the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, pledges to unite and protect America

Joe Biden delivered. The Democratic nominee for president concluded the first unconventional Democratic National Convention Thursday night with remarks that sounded more like a presidential address than a campaign rally. The former vice president reminded us that “this is our moment. This is our mission.”

Indeed, this is about America’s promise.

The contrast between what looked like a President Biden and unpresidential tweeter in chief Donald Trump couldn’t have been greater.


As fired-up as I always am after our quadrennial Democratic National Conventions — and I’ve participated in every single one since 1984 — this one was especially inspiring and energizing.

While missing the parties, pomp, balloon drops, confetti-littered floors and in-person interactions of previous conventions, the virtual convention this week more than made up for those absences with empathy, unity, diversity, inclusiveness — and yes, truth!

“Post-Convention Blues” usually hit me in the days following our political conventions — the crucial period during which party leaders and activists across the country plan for the fight ahead. And there is no doubt that what former first lady Michelle Obama called a fight “like our lives depend on it” is what we’re in for leading up to Election Day.

But after witnessing the Democrats’ unity, common purpose, clear message, and great passion at this week’s convention, I’m confident enough in the prospects of Joe Biden, vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris of California, and the Democratic Party to call this period “Post-Convention’s BLUE.”

This week, Democrats, independents, and Republicans came together virtually to support the Biden-Harris ticket and to discuss the Democratic Party’s strategy to unify and heal our nation from the damage inflicted by Trump.

Tuesday night’s “Roll Call Across America” was especially moving, inspirational, and fast! In highlighting both the tremendous diversity and unity of the Democratic Party, Americans saw how motivated and organized we are to Get Out the Vote for Democrats up and down the ticket.

The Roll Call Across America was also special because it showed Americans a big-tented party from sea to shining sea. Parents, teachers, small-business owners, activists, and Democratic Party leaders transcended the specious red-blue state divide to demonstrate that our party is laser-focused on bringing together all of America’s red, white and blue.

This beautiful and unique tour of our country — possible only in a virtual convention — culminated in Joe Biden’s formal nomination to be our next president of the United States.

True to the convention’s overall theme of Uniting America, nominators announced their enthusiastic support for the Biden-Harris ticket as they stood sentinel near well-known sites in their respective states.

Two presentations were particularly emotional for me.

First, the poignant location of Rep. Terri Sewell, D-Ala., at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala. — where the late Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., and other civil rights marchers were viciously beaten by police in 1965. We must rename this the John Lewis Bridge.

Second, the tributes to Sen. Harris from her sisters — related and unrelated— and her stirring call: “Kamala Harris … for the People.”

Indeed, each day of our “Convention Across America” brought diverse perspectives and inspiring performances. Over four days, we didn’t just tell Americans that they are invited and included in our tent; we showed them.

And what a show it was! Deploying communications and media tools from Alexa to Roku, Bing to Twitch, and Facebook to YouTube, we included, informed, and inspired Democrats, independents, and Republicans across America and the world.

While acknowledging the significant challenges ahead, politicians, performers, and ordinary citizens powerfully presented each night’s theme — “We the People,” “Leadership Matters,” “A More Perfect Union,” and “America’s Promise.”

Rather than talking heads behind podiums and crowded convention hall floors, Americans saw and heard directly from politicians, activists, and real people who represent the Democratic Party’s diversity and inclusion, not to mention former Republicans who cannot abide another four terrifying years of the incompetent Donald Trump.

Indeed, President Trump’s stepped-up social media engagement during the convention showed that he too was paying attention to something beside himself — for a change.

Proving that President Barack Obama quite accurately described him when Obama addressed the convention, Trump yet again showed Americans that he truly hasn’t grown into his job (as if we needed another reminder).

Listening to Obama’s emotional appeal Wednesday night to Americans to vote despite the hardships and obstacles placed in our paths was another in a series of uplifting moments.


As was completely predictable, Trump tweeted racist insults at Sen. Harris — who will be our first African American, Asian American and female vice president — and struggled to find words to nickname Joe Biden. The tweeter in chief must fear that the Biden-Harris team will soon replace him and Vice President Mike Pence in the White House.

After four eventful nights, the Democratic Party’s unprecedented and incredibly inspiring virtual Democratic National Convention revealed our party’s recipe for the tastiest “gumbo” ever — a unified America that regains our prominence and moral authority as a “shining city upon the hill.”


So if you’re exhausted by our current president’s ego, incensed by his incivility, repelled by his racism, sickened by his sexism, enraged by his ignorance, tired of his insulting tweets, sidelined by his sycophancy, and marginalized by his megalomania, step off the sputtering Trump train and join us on the Democratic Express to the White House.

We the People are headed for victory over the unfit occupant of the White House.


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