Driver finds savage notes slapped on windscreen after parking Jeep across four spaces – everyone’s saying the same thing | The Sun

A DRIVER claims that he returned to his parked car after a shopping trip to find loads of savage notes slapped across the windscreen.

The shocked driver said that the angry, foul-mouthed notes were each complaining about his selfish parking – and after seeing pictures of how he left his car, most people aren't that surprised.

Staggeringly, the Jeep driver had actually taken up four spaces in the car park by parking in the centre of all of them.

But, he was still surprised to discover the five notes left by angry shoppers.

One of the notes written on a piece of paper reads: "You are a f***wit! S*** car.' 

Another angry shopper used a child's notepad with a cartoon of kids to write the message that reads: "Congratulations! You park like a f***wit. Back to school for you."


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The car was photographed in a shopping centre in Balcatta, Western Australia, The Daily Mail reports.

The fact that one of the angry notes was printed rather than handwritten sparked a lot of curiosity among users on social media.

One said: "We all need a stash of those cards in our cars."

Another asked: "Where can I find this such prepared notes?"

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But a minority of the commenters say the driver isn't a bad parker; he just wanted to avoid getting scratched.

One said: "'The best note to leave is "Sorry I accidentally scratched your car. You probably won't even notice it!"

Another said: "Of course, you haven't done anything. They won't care about being shamed, but they will care about something happening to their precious, precious car that needs four spots to avoid being damaged."

This comes after a mum was left furious after finding a "rude" note taped to her car accusing her of parking like an "absolute inconsiderate tosspot."

Plus, an entitled neighbour has stuck a handwritten note on the car of a fellow resident, telling them not to park in their spot.

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