‘Easiest’ air fryer cleaning tip to ‘remove baked-on food’ in 10 minutes

Express shares how to clean air fryers in five minutes

Most people aren’t cleaning their ovens or worktop appliances like toasters every time they use them, so households might think air fryers require similar upkeep.

But air fryers require their own care and maintenance due to the type of foods often cooked – sometimes greasy or crumb-prone items – and, therefore, should be cleaned more frequently.

Carolina McCauley, a cleaning and home hack enthusiast, has taken to social media to share her “easiest air fryer cleaning hack”.

The cleaning pro, who goes by @Carolina.mccauley on TikTok, has demonstrated that the hack only needs 10 minutes to “remove baked-on food” from the basket.

Carolina begins by pulling out the greasy stained air fryer basket from the appliance and adds a single dishwasher tablet to it.

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@carolina.mccauley This is the easiest Air-fryer cleaning hack ✨������ #cleaninghacks #homehackswithcarolina #cleaningtips #hometips ♬ original sound – Carolina Mccauley – Home Hacks

She then boils the kettle and covers the bottom of the basket with the water with the dishwasher tablet inside.

The boiling hot water breaks down the pod, releasing the soapy cleaning product inside.

As the water fills the pan, it will create a warm and soapy mixture.

Dishwasher tablets are made of concentrated dishwasher detergent and promise to cut through tough grease and leave your dishes sparkling.

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It makes sense that those powerful cleaning agents work on grease and food stains on air fryer baskets.

This cleaning product is tough enough to tackle the grease, yet gentle enough not to scratch the appliance.

Once the dishwasher tablet and water are in the air fryer basket, they need to be left to get to work on the grease and stains.

Carolina instructs households to empty and rinse the basket once 10 minutes are up.

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After the basket has been rinsed out the air fryer should be left “nice and clean again”. Make sure to dry the components down before putting them back in the air fryer.

The cleaning enthusiast later showed the camera the results of her air fryer hack and the basket was completely stains and grease-free.

Many users loved the idea. One commented: “I tried this today and let me tell you, it’s a game changer.”

Another said: “This is so easy. Now I know how to clean my air fryer.”

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