Energy bills should be subsidised ‘for everyone, not just low-income families’ – POLL

Chancellor must act to ease cost of living crisis says Blackford

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In a poll that ran from 11am on Friday, April 1, to 10am on Monday, April 4, asked: “Should the UK subsidise energy bills of low-income families?” A total of 2,700 people voted and dozens of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their views on the cost of living crisis.

Readers were divided with 49 percent (1,324 people) opting for “yes”, the UK Government should subsidise energy bills of low-income families, while 48 percent said “no”. 

The remaining three percent (89 people) said they did not know.

This poll came as Britons face an escalating cost of living crisis with household costs skyrocketing.

Many feel that the Government is not doing enough to support struggling households.

Username Di.Rad said: “[It’s] clear to me. Help our pensioners and vulnerable UK citizens.”

While others thought that the Government should not only support those claiming benefits.

Username TROUT_TICKLER said: “If you are going to subsidise energy bills then it must be for everyone or no one.”

And username kennyk1000 wrote: “Gas and electricity should be subsidised for everyone, not just low income families.”

Username Jojo90 said: “I had to say no as I believe everyone should be helped, not just low income families.”

While username The Almighty commented: “This isn’t just affecting low income earners, this is affecting everyone!”

Others shared this view, with username Bubblecat writing: “There are millions of us on low incomes who don’t qualify for benefits but who now have no idea how they are going to pay their energy bills. Next winter is going to be dark and cold.”

Some thought that rather than subsidising energy bills, the Government should cut the green levy – an additional charge to support the investment in renewable energy.

Username BobPage said: “The Government could slash the cost of energy for everyone by 25 percent today by scrapping the green levy.”

And username Diogenese said: “The Government should take off the existing green levy to alleviate the situation, not ask us to pay even more by paying for subsidies.”

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UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has promised to monitor the situation and step in “if needed”. also asked readers: “Which bills are you most concerned about?”

A total of 2,648 people responded to this question and the vast majority – 69 percent (1,823 people) – said they were most concerned about their energy bills. 

A further 11 percent (303 people) said “council tax bill” and 10 percent (253 people) answered “petrol/diesel”.

Meanwhile, seven percent (175 people) said they were most worried about food bills and three percent (94 people) said “other”. 

The energy price cap rise came in on April 1, sending the average household bill up by £693 per year for some 22 million British homes. 

Council tax bills also rose by an average of three percent in April with more than half of British households experiencing a £50-or-higher hike.

The cost of food and groceries is also 5.2 percent higher than 12 months ago.

Furthermore, petrol and diesel prices reached record levels in March with petrol costing £1.67 a litre, while diesel also reached an all-time high at £1.79 a litre.

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