Famed 90s actor reveals creepy drawing of his 'UFO encounter after aircraft moved silently at great speed' over him | The Sun

A FAMED 90s actor known for his role in NewsRadio has posted a creepy drawing based on a professed UFO encounter.

Dave Foley, who also starred in comedy shot Kids in the Hall, wasn't joking when he said unidentified aircraft moved "silently at great speed" over him.

The actor took to Twitter to share a representation of what he saw.

"After years of interest in the UFOS without ever seeing anything, I saw something," Foley said in a tweet.

"This is a drawing of what I saw."

The image shows a yellow-ish flat aircraft with flashing lights behind it, zooming off into space.

"I was with a friend who I'll let decide if he wants to be attached to this," Foley said.

"It moved silently, at great speed, hovered and pulsated with light."

In the thread of the tweet, Foley clarified that he had the strange experience that "lasted several minutes" near Los Angeles.

"I should point out, the white lights were on the front of the craft, assuming that it was moving forward and those lights pulsated separately from the body of the craft, which also pulsated," he wrote in a later tweet.

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This tweet started a conversation between fans where Foley earnestly defended his experience and said he knows several other people who have also had sightings.

"I know others in entertainment who've seen something but will never talk about publicly for fear of being stigmatized," Foley said.

The experience also wasn't just a flash in the pan either.

The actor said it lasted "several minutes," and he watched it alongside his unnamed friend.

"It flew a curving counterclockwise trajectory from a 2 o'clock position to a 7 o'clock position," Foley said.

"Our perspective view of the craft shifted naturally as it circled that would indicate it was fairly close, a matter of a few miles."

He said that he has spoken to others who have experienced UFO sightings, but "I haven't heard about any silent drones the size of a Greyhound bus with no visible means of propulsion."

"That's what I saw."

Foley said gave a call to action and said that UFOS are no longer about whether or not you believe in aliens.

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"Regardless of what I saw, it has moved beyond an issue of belief," Foley said.

"The significant amounts of data, acknowledged by the Pentagon and Congress, makes existence of ufo/uap phenomena an established reality.

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