Five interior design trends which will ‘become increasingly popular’

Styled UK share tips on best interior colour combinations

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A New Year is all about new beginnings and potentially making small changes to the home and interior design is a great way for homeowners to put their own stamp onto a property. Although interior design is all down to choice, Lick’s Trend Specialist, Matilda Martin, has discovered 10 design trends to look out for in 2023. 

1. Sustainable materials

Matila said: “In the interior industry’s bid to become more sustainable, designers and consumers alike are rethinking the linear path of production and consumption, and looking for ways to design against global waste, rather than add to it. 

“A form of design that is being talked about over and over again is ‘circularity’ – a move away from a linear design process to a circular, sustainable one, in which products are ‘made to be remade’.”

Tash Bradley, Lick’s Director of Interior Design, predicted: “People will be looking for ways to connect with nature in their homes through texture, touch and sight. We are all wanting to be more mindful of our design choices and decorate our homes with materials that positively benefit our mental wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of our planet. 

“You’ll notice that the colour palette found in sustainable materials is very grounding – typically earthy neutrals. These colours have the ability to physically ground you and give you the stability we are all going to be craving in 2023.” 

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From rattan and bamboo to cane and linen, there are plenty of materials that are considered environmentally friendly. However it is cork and aluminium that Lick predicts “will become increasingly popular” in households in 2023 and beyond. 

Tash added: “Unlike its polished counterparts, cork is an approachable material. Its natural brown colour gives it a grounding, earthy feel – instantly making you feel more relaxed, while its rugged bark appearance adds texture, warmth and cosiness. 

“The key to ensuring your space doesn’t look sterile is by mixing the aluminium with warmer tones, such as those found in wood and cork.” 

2. Wavy stripes

Lick said colours, patterns, materials and shapes will continue to dominate houses, providing people with a sense of emotional refuge. According to the company, incorporating wavy stripes into the home can positively impact your mood.

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On the walls, wavy striped wallpapers can bring height, softness and fluidity to a space, while offering a contemporary take on the traditional stripe. Charlotte Cropper, Lick’s International Colour Consultant, said: “Waves are instantly recognisable. We associate these shapes with water and the ocean, which are known to evoke feelings of calm and relaxation. Patterns with wavy stripes are the perfect recipe, therefore, for encouraging moments of mindfulness in the home.”

3. Conversational seating

Charlotte said: “Along with the rise of Shy Tech and the revival of the iconic 70s conversation pit, we predict that curved, convivial seating arrangements will only increase in popularity in 2023. 

“Not only do curved seating set-ups encourage us to switch off the TV and engage in conversation with our loved-ones, but their fluid organic forms also bring a welcomed softness to a space. 

“Curved lines and shapes are much softer compared to geometric lines and sharp angles. We feel safer and more protected in curves as they wrap round us like a hug; they’re inclusive and inviting. 

“The simplicity of curved shapes makes us feel physically secure, welcoming us into a room by encouraging moments of connectivity and togetherness.”

4. Layered lighting

Lighting is an important design element in the home, and it can impact mood and the cosiness of a room. According to Lick, lighting is the second most important element, after colour.

Lighting can be added into the home in various different ways including in different materials, structural shapes and gorgeous colours. The company said they are seeing more and more people incorporating layering into their homes, including the rise of wall lights.

Layering lighting can add warmth and cosiness to a space. Sam Bromley, Lick’s Lead Colour Consultant, added: “Layer your lighting with illuminated pockets on the walls, striking linear lines in your floor lamps to zone areas for their function and style, and oversized pendants hanging from the ceiling for added drama. The lighting game is on.”

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5. Wallpaper borders

Wallpaper borders used to be a way of hiding imperfections on walls. But now, they are being used to add a splash of colour, pattern and character into the home. 

According to Tash Bradley: “Wallpaper borders are a great way to highlight architectural elements and make the features you love to ring.

“If the thought of wall-to-wall wallpaper feels overwhelming, bringing in a wallpaper border is a great way to add in detailing to a room without it.”

Lick predicts wallpaper borders will rise in popularity next year, with people getting a little more crazy and playful in their room designs.

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