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A SAVVY motorist has come up with a car hack that could save you time this winter.

TikTok user @ashleystout90 shared her ice-busting tactic on social media – and it shouldn't cost you a penny.

To defrost windscreens in seconds, drivers only need to fill a zip-lock bag with hot water and rub it over their windscreen and windows.

The water needs to be hot rather than boiling to avoid shattering your windscreen.

Her no-cost tactic is more fuel-efficient than leaving the car running and better for the environment.

Ashley asked her TikTok users: "Have a solid iced car? Get a Ziploc bag and fill it with warm water."


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But some of her fans stressed there are better ways to defrost a windscreen in the comments.

One said: "I did this and cracked my window. Please, don't do it."

Another said: "Just start the car and let it warm up."

A third pointed out: "Just fill a bottle of warm water and pour it on your windows."

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Another hack is cutting an onion in half, and then before your windscreen is iced over, rub it generously over the screen.

And the most simple tip is to park your car in the right place because the sun rises in the east and will melt it for you.

Also, spraying your windscreen with a solution of water and vinegar every night before going to bed can help too.

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