Gaming fans shocked as banned Steam horror game reappears – and it’s free | The Sun

A CLASSIC horror game that was previously banned from Steam, has resurfaced online.

Even better, it is currently free to download and keep for life straight to your PC.

Originally released in 2014, Betrayer was removed from Steam in 2021, without any warning to fans.

It’s considered a cult classic, and ‘underrated gem’ by a number of horror gaming fans.

Two weeks ago online store GoG uploaded an unlisted video of the trailer for Betrayer, but this trailer was not made public.

The mystery of the trailer only got people more intrigued, as the minute of video contains spooky imagery and clanging bells.

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Then just a few days ago people noticed that a store page appeared on GoG which allowed people to download the game for free.

This was following a news post from GoG which explained that the game was being given away as part of GoG’s mission to encourage video game preservation.

Set in the 1600s, Betrayer tells the story of 150 people who set sail from the UK to settle in the United States.

However, not long after they reached the new colony, every one of them disappeared.

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You are sent to investigate the town, and discover the tragedy that befell the new colony, and discover something distinctly supernatural going on.

It is unclear why the game was suddenly removed from Steam, but the rumour is that the game was taken down following a dispute in ownership. 

Betrayer was developed by Blackpowder Games, a studio created by some of the developers who created F.E.A.R.

However, after releasing just this one game, it appears that the studio was bought out, and the company and Betrayer have not been heard from since.

The game is back on GoG thanks to gaming enthusiast Tyler Fishell, and it appears it will continue to be free to download for life.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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