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THERE is a brand new character available right now in Genshin Impact, and this is the info you need.

The all-new Shikanoin Heizou is a brand new character added with Genshin Impact’s 2.8 update, which also added the Phantasmal Conch event.

Heizou is an Anemo character – there’s still no character with the upcoming Dendro element – that uses Catalyst weapons.

In this guide we’ll break down the best weapon, equipment, and team compositions to use Heizou in so you can excel in your Genshin Impact battles.

Heizou best weapon – Genshin Impact

If you want to use Heizou to the best of his abilities, then you should be aiming for the rare five-star catalysts that suit his playstyle:

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  • Skyward Atlas – Increases Attack stat and boosts elemental damage.
  • Lost Prayers To The Sacred Winds – Increases elemental damage and stacks, in addition to movement buff.

If you don’t have access to those rare five-star catalysts, there are also a few decent four-star options:

  • Solar Pearl – Increases Attack damage and special abilities.
  • The Widsith – Randomly increases Attack, Elemental Damage, or Elemental Mastery.
  • Mappa Mare – Increases Elemental Damage when using Elemental Reactions.

Heizou best artifacts – Genshin Impact

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The unquestionably best artifact set for Heizou is Viridescent Venerer, which increases Anemo damage and can lower enemy resistance to the elements you use. This is perfect for Heizou’s playstyle, but hard to acquire.

If you don’t have Viridescent Venerer available, then these more common artifact sets also work well:

  • Echoes Of An Offering
  • Shimenawa’s Reminisence

Heizou best teams – Genshin Impact

Heizou is a natural DPS role and can easily become the main DPS in your team. We have one ideal team we recommended:

  • Heizou (DPS)
  • Xingqiu (sub-DPS)
  • Fischl (sub-DPS)
  • Bennett (support)

This team is set with three DPS characters that you can use to rack up a lot of damage and cause elemental reactions. Heizou’s Swirl ability works well with this composition.

  • Heizou (DPS)
  • Yelan/Kokomi/Xiangling (sub-DPS)
  • Raiden/Miko (sub-DPS)
  • Jean/Barbara (support)

This compilation is a bit more variable, for anyone that might not have the perfect characters available.

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If you’re lacking the characters we listed in the first team, then you can sub them out with these other characters and still have an incredibly powerful set up.

Written by Marco Wutz on behalf of GLHF.

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