Geraldo: Biden doesn't understand consequences of 'flooding free money to people' who should have a job

‘The Five’: Biden’s unpopularity continues to climb as economy falters

The panel on ‘The Five’ offer analysis

President Biden is doing “more harm than good” to the U.S. economy, and doesn’t appear to understand cause-and-effect when it comes to “flooding free money” to working-age Americans – incentivizing them to stay at home instead of getting a job amid dire economic conditions, host Geraldo Rivera said Tuesday on “The Five”.

With Biden’s approval rating now 10 points lower than Barack Obama’s at this time in his presidency, the Delaware Democrat habitually goes several days without a public appearance and has not held a direct press conference in several months.

Rivera said that while he relates to Biden as a fellow septuagenarian and wants him to succeed, he can tell the 50-year fixture in Washington is “blundering.”

“The worst thing how he’s playing with the economy. You don’t understand what happens when you flood free money to people who should have some incentive to get a job, to improve themselves,” he said.

“Self-improvement is the American dream, it’s the American way — but when you pay to suppress and placate people, and then you are surprised when inflation comes in and they have all that money to spend – [there are] all these dollars chasing fewer goods,” he said. 

“I worry about Democrats. They’re the smarty-pants in D.C. They are the elite, in terms of education and experience. And it just seems to me that the president has done more harm than good right now.”

Rivera however took issue with the sole comparison being to that of Obama’s popularity, while that of President Donald Trump was closer to Biden’s at this point.

Host Greg Gutfeld countered that the difference not factored in in that regard is one of “scrutiny” – in that Trump was heavily scrutinized compared to Biden.

Later, host Dana Perino noted Biden was cited as being somewhat of a drag on Democrats by people like longtime Clinton confidant Terry McAuliffe – who is running for a second non-consecutive term as Virginia governor.

She noted that, within days of making that remark during a teleconference with Democratic activists, McAuliffe will now host Joe Biden on the campaign trail – in addition to previously announced stump speeches with First Lady Jill Biden in Richmond in the coming days.

McAuliffe will also host former Georgia State Rep. Stacey Abrams, D-Atlanta, on the campaign trail as well.

In response to the news President Biden will be joining his fellow liberal on the trail, Virginia native Dagen McDowell remarked she and her fellow Virginians look forward to McAuliffe bringing the unpopular president along as he vies against Republican Glenn Youngkin for his old seat:

“Please, bring your traveling tire fire – so the folks down there know, they can smell you and see you coming before you arrive.”

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