Get 20% off a year of PS Plus – and up to £12 free PSN credit from ShopTo

IF YOU'RE looking to save on PS4 games, or know someone who is, these deals are for you.

You can get 20 per cent off a 1-year Playstation Plus membership right now – and up to £12 free PSN wallet credit.

Savings on gaming is never bad, and thanks to ShopTo you can now game more while spending less.

The online retailer has cut the cost of PSN wallet top-ups AND a 1-year PS Plus membership.

PSN wallet top-ups are a simple way to add credit to a PSN account by entering a supplied code.

And a PS Plus membership means free monthly games and bonus content – so getting both for less is fine by us.

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ShopTo is now offering a straight price-cut on PSN wallet top-ups.

That means you can buy a top-up for a specific value but pay less than the top-up is worth. It really is that simple.

The top-ups range from £5 right up to £100: so if you’re planning to buy a new title or three (or know someone who might) it’s a solid way to save cash.

The discounts mean that a £5 top-up costs £4.85, while a £100 top-up costs £87.85 – £12.15 additional credit.

But our pick is the £45 wallet top-up. It currently costs just £37.85, working out at £7.15 worth of free PSN credit.

That’s and extra £7.15 to spend in the PS Store on a new game or subscription.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to save on a PS Plus membership there’s an offer for that too.

PS Plus membership usually costs £6.99 a month, or £49.99 for a year. But ShopTo is offering a year’s code for just £39.98 – a 20 per cent saving.

That works out at £3.33 per month, which is less than half the cost of the monthly subscription.

Whichever offer you opt for, ShopTo will deliver your digital code to the 'Digital Items' section of your ShopTo account.

You can redeem codes in the Playstation Store, under Redeem Codes.

  • Shop PSN top-up and PS Plus savings at ShopTo – here

All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed. Always do your own research before making any purchase.

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