‘Get’s the job done!’: Mrs Hinch fans’ top tips to keep washing machine smelling fresh

Mrs Hinch uses washing machine cleaning hack to remove dirt

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Social media sensation, Mrs Hinch, known as Sophie Hinchcliffe, has inspired thousands of people with clever cleaning hacks around the home. Her Instagram page, which has amassed more than 4.1 million followers, often showcases original techniques to help others.

Now, cleaning fans have formed their own social media groups dedicated to providing quick and easy hacks.

One online user, who sought advice on how to banish the musty odour in their washing machine, received numerous responses from a group. 

Responding to the online post, one group member said: “I run my washer either on the clean cycle or a small wash cycle with hot water and bleach. Bleach seems to keep it fresh longer.”

A second explained: “After I started only using powered detergent the musty smell went away.”

A third online user said: “I use Affresh washer tablets once a month and wipe around the drum the same time. Never had a musty smell since.”

A fourth person suggested using bleach and vinegar.

While another group member advised: “One bottle of white vinegar in the drawer and one pack of baking soda and turn on a boil wash –  job done.”

Describing their technique, one online user explained: “I put distilled vinegar into the dispenser and run it through a cycle.

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“I also use vinegar to clean out the boot (rubber seal) because that is what makes it smell musty even when you leave the door open.

Another said: “I use PÜR Evergreen, which smells amazing, and spray my front loader down. 

One online user advised: “I clean the rubber part and also the inside part of the door. Also, make sure you are emptying the bottom of the drain on the washer.”

While another person suggested using Calcium Lime and Rust remover.

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Offering a range of tips, one online user said: “If it is a front loader, you may have a small hose on the bottom front of your washer that you need to open the latch and drain the water. 

“Also, in any type washer, there are tablets called Affresh. I use them every once in a while. 

“Plus, leave the door open and detergent drawer opened too.”

The user also advised cleaning the washer with a rag, before removing and cleaning the detergent drawer.

Sharing their experience, one member said: “I have not had a problem since I started using Lysol Laundry Sanitizer.  It is the last rinse I use instead of fabric softener. I just use sheets in the dryer except for towels.”

Praising a cleaning product which had proven successful, another online user said: “I swear by OxiClean. I use it in every load of laundry, keep my front loaders closed because it’s at the top of the landing and not so much space and no issues.”

One person offered: “A cup of bleach and hot water. The longest cycle you have.” While another social media posted: “Two dishwasher tablets in the machine on a hot wash.”

Another group member suggested running a cycle with two cups of vinegar.

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