Google users warned of nightmare 'bug' that could make you LATE for work | The Sun

PIXEL Watch users have complained that the alarm is apparently going off at the wrong time.

And it could make you late for work.

The delay varies from one minute to under 10 minutes, according to reports.

But a smaller subset of wearers claim it's been going off a tad earlier too.

It's not clear what's behind the mysterious bug – and doesn't appear to be happening every time.

Fortunately, it doesn't look like everyone is impacted either.

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However, owners of the Google device might want to be aware so they're not late for an important event.

"I've had my Pixel Watch since October and I've noticed that the alarm on the watch has malfunctioned a few times," one person wrote on Reddit.

According to a 9to5Google reporter, they have also noticed something is up at least twice since the device launched.

"In my experience, having used a Fitbit of some sort to wake up (vibrate only, no sound, and Bedtime Mode not in use) for the past 10 or so years, I’ve had Pixel Watch alarms be late twice since launch, with eight minutes being the longest delay when waking up in the morning," Abner Li said.

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"The alarm always eventually invokes, while I’ve had no issue in the day time when the watch is active (always-on display, etc)."

The Google Pixel Watch was launched in October last year.

It's the first Pixel-branded smartwatch by the tech giant.

The wearable runs on Wear OS, a smaller version of Android adapted for your wrist.

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