GOP Ex-Lawmaker Warns Trump Is Already Trying To Rewrite Coronavirus History

Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) says President Donald Trump is trying to rewrite history when it comes to his administration’s failures in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. 

On Wednesday, Trump suggested a death toll that falls short of previous projections would be a success on the part of his administration.

“The big projection being 2.2 million would die if we did nothing,” he said, noting that later projections indicated 100,000 to 240,000 deaths. “If we can stay substantially under the 100 [thousand], I think we all did a very good job.” 

But Walsh said Trump’s early missteps cost time, jobs and lives and any claims that he’s done a “good job” were an attempt to rewrite history.

Walsh ― a former Trump supporter who ran against him in the GOP primary and has since pledged to back the eventual Democratic nominee ― tweeted:

Last month, Trump tried to use potential death tolls to illustrate what would be a “good job” for himself and his administration.

“So we have between 100 and 200,000, and we all together have done a very good job,” he said. 

That comment led to much criticism, even from those who’ve supported him in the past. 

“How is that a good job in our country?” sportscaster Mike Francesa, who voted for Trump, asked in comments that took off on social media. “Not if another 198,000 people die. So now 200,000 people are disposable?”

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