Halifax to shut 18 branches in 2023

Like many other banks, Halifax has taken the decision to close branches due to a decline in footfall. More Britons are choosing to conduct their banking remotely, either online or via mobile.

As a result, there has been decreased need for a physical branch, resulting in the decision to make closures.

Lloyds Banking Group, which owns Halifax, stated the branches to be closed have seen a drop in visits by around 60 percent on average over the last five years.

A spokesperson previously stated: “Branches play an important part in our strategy.

“But we need to have them in the right places, where they are well-used.

“We’ll continue to invest in branches that are being used regularly, alongside our online, mobile app and telephone services.”

Halifax has stated it understands the impact of bank branch closures on its customers.

This includes how these individuals continue to access banking services.

For this reason, some areas will have a Community Banker visit for a short time after the branch has closed.

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The bank has also said a Banking Hub may be set up in a nearby location.

On its website, Halifax shared a full list of its branch closures as follows: 

Aldershot – April 26

Bangor – A Community Banker will visit this area for a short period – April 17

Bletchley – May 18

Chester-le-Street – April 19

Chingford Mount – May 15

Chorlton-cum-Hardy – April 27

Crouch End – April 27

Golders Green – May 3

Grays – June 22

London Fenchurch Street – April 19

Maldon – A Community Banker will visit this area for a short period – June 5

Norbury – May 4

Purley – June 22

Putney – May 4

Redruth – May 16

St Neots – June 6

Surbiton – May 10

Whitley Bay – June 21.

However, Halifax is not the only bank which is set to make closures to its branches.

TSB has announced nine branches will close in 2023 across England and Scotland. 

The provider previously closed 80 sites in 2020, 164 branches in 2021, and 70 in 2022.

However, it is due to set up ‘banking pods’ in Wigan and Luton to offer services to those in the area who have lost a branch.

A similar approach is being taken by Barclays, with Express.co.uk understanding it may open 70 new local sites for in-person support, as it plans to shut 41 branches.

HSBC is also set to close 114 sites, as it remarked “banking remotely is becoming the norm for the vast majority of us”.

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By the end of this month, 19 NatWest and Nationwide branches will have also closed their doors for good. 

Research from Which? in December 2022 showed 5,162 bank and building society branches had closed since January 2015.

Rocio Concha, director of policy and advocacy at Which?, said: “The shift to paying digitally has made life more convenient for millions.

“Yet there remains a significant minority for whom cash is still vital as they are not ready or willing to make that switch.

“Those who rely on cash need protection from bank branch and ATM closures.”

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