HGV lorry smashes into Audi 4×4 after driver stops in middle of main road for ‘no reason’ – but who is in the wrong? | The Sun

AN HGV lorry smashed into an Audi on a main road after the driver stopped suddenly "for no reason" – but people are divided over who is in the wrong.

Shocking onboard footage from the 32-tonne HGV shows the moment it smashed into the back of the car after its driver slowed to let another motorist onto the wet main road in St Albans.

In the five seconds before the collision the HGV thunders at speed past a school warning sign and over a slow road marking.

Its driver slams his brakes after spotting the white Audi coming to a halt outside the school on the 40mph B653 main road.

The Audi had stopped to let another white SUV into traffic without realising the HGV was fast approaching.

Onboard footage from the truck shows how the collision shunted the Audi forward, its rear end badly dented.

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In a video posted to TikTok, the owner of the footage blamed the Audi driver for the collision.

He said: "She stopped to let a car out. She didn't have top stop on a main road for no good reason."

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But not all drivers were convinced that the Audi was in the wrong.

Garreth said: "The Audi driver's a wally, but the lorry is going to fast."

Harry said: "Morally the SUV was wrong, but unfortunately under law the truck will be at fault."

Sam said: "That's outside a school – what if a kid had run out of it?"

Another driver said: "Audi driver. Enough said."

Gruss said: "It's probably a cyclist's fault."

It comes after a bike rider somersaulted into the back of a moving bin lorry after losing control down a steep hill.

Onboard footage from the back of the recycling lorry in Newlyn, Cornwall, shows the rider gathering pace as he follows the truck down a hill.

Unable to stop as the truck brakes, the cyclist goes straight over his handlebars into the back of the rubbish truck, taking his with bike with him over his back.

Another driver shared the terrifying moment a mattress "appeared out of nowhere" on the motorway, forcing cars to drive over it.

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