Holiday warning to Brits as 12 strange road signs abroad could land you with huge fines if you don’t know what they mean | The Sun

BRITS could be slapped with huge fines if they don't pay attention to these 12 bizarre road signs on their summer holidays.

Holidaymakers in Europe have been urged to do their research before setting off in their vehicles as the EU cracks down on foreign drivers.

Car rental experts at Stress Free Car Rental revealed the meaning of 12 strange road signs in Europe – which could land even the most experienced motorists in trouble.

Drivers could face a fine, points on their licence, or even a driving licence suspension for violations.

In France, for example, ignoring road signs can lead to a fine of €135, four penalty points, and a three-year licence suspension.

John Charnock, CEO of said Brit tourists must clue up on the meanings of road signs to keep everyone safe and cut the chances of an accident.

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"The EU is on a mission to improve road safety and will be penalising foreign drivers for mistakes, so visitors must familiarise themselves with traffic laws and signs to avoid hefty fines and penalties," he said.

"From no trumpet signs to polar bear warnings, drivers should familiarise themselves with even the strangest-looking European road signs to ensure safety and avoid any danger.

"The driving laws are different in each country, which means drivers may face harsher penalties from one place to the next.

"Although these road signs may seem confusing, they are there to increase safety, so it’s essential to understand them and abide by driving laws abroad."

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No vehicles carrying explosives (France)

No explosives allowed in vehiclesCredit: WIKIMEDIA

This sign warns vehicles carrying dangerous loads not to enter.

Drivers should steer clear or expect explosive consequences.

Moose warning (Norway)

This sign points out areas where it's common for moose to be on the roads, so drivers should be aware.

Collisions with moose are common in Norway and can have serious consequences due to the size of the animals.

Danger of an accident (Norway)

This sign warns drivers there is a risk of accidents on the road they're travelling on.

Polar bears traverse or travel on ice (Norway)

This sign means drivers should be aware of polar bears in the area – and potentially crossing the roads.

It might be best to find alternative routes if you spot this sign.

No use of car horns (Spain)

This sign means drivers should not use their horns.

According to traffic laws, using the car's horn without good reason can result in a fine of up to 200 euros.

Migrating amphibian warning (Germany)

This sign warns drivers of frogs on the roads in Germany.

Holidaymakers should keep an eye on the road and consider different routes.

End of snow chains (Slovenia)

This sign is often used in countries with severe cold weather.

In Slovenia, there are zones where snow chains are compulsory as they dig into frozen surfaces and prevent vehicles from skidding.

This sign means snow chains are no longer required in the area.

Risk of fire (Slovenia)

This sign in Slovenia means drivers should be aware of wildfires.

Wildfires can quickly block main roads.

No hand carts/wheelbarrows (Czech Republic)

This sign means no wheelbarrows or hand carts are allowed to pass.

It means bad news for construction workers and gardeners.

No motor vehicles and animal-drawn vehicles (Serbia)

This sign means no vehicles or animal-drawn vehicles can enter.

No vehicles carrying dangerous water pollutants (Italy)

In Italy, this sign means vehicles transporting water pollutants are banned.

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Priority road starts (Spain)

If you see this yellow diamond, it marks the start of a priority road.

This means you have right of way over oncoming and crossing traffic.

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