Housing Benefit: How much Housing Benefit am I entitled to?

If you are unemployed, have a low income or are claiming benefits, Housing Benefit can help you pay your rent. Like many other benefits, Housing Benefit is being replaced by Universal Credit. However, some people are still able to make a new claim for Housing Benefit.

Who can make a new claim for Housing Benefit?

According to the Government website, you can make a new claim for Housing Benefit if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are getting the severe disability premium, or are entitled to it
  • You got or were entitled to the severe disability premium within the last month and are still eligible for it
  • You have reached State Pension age
  • You are in supported, sheltered or temporary housing

If you live with your partner you can make a new claim for Housing Benefit if you and your partner have both reached State Pension age.

You can also make a new claim for Housing Benefit if one of you has reached State Pension age and as a couple started claiming Pension Credit before May 15, 2019.


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How much housing benefit am I entitled to?

If you are eligible for Housing Benefit, how much you receive will be dependent on your personal circumstances.

Unlike Universal Credit, Housing Benefit is not a set amount.

You may be able to get help with part of your rent costs, or all of your rent.

Whether you rent from the council or privately will also influence how much you receive in Housing Benefit.

If you live in council or social housing, how much Housing Benefit you receive will depend on a number of criteria.

Your payments will be determined by your eligible rent and if you have a spare room.

Housing Benefit payments also differ depending on your household income, including benefits, pensions and any savings you have of more than £6,000.


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Your Housing Benefit entitlement will also depend on your personal circumstances.

The circumstances include the ages of people in your home and whether anyone in your home has a disability.

If you rent privately, your Housing Benefit is determined by your eligible rent amount.

Depending on which is lower, this is either your Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate or your actual rent.

If you want to work out how much Housing Benefit you could get, the Government website details a number of benefits calculators you can use HERE. 

How can I claim Housing Benefit?

If you are not eligible to claim for Housing Benefit, you may be able to claim for Universal Credit instead.

You can apply for Universal Credit online via the Government website.

If you have checked you are eligible for Housing Benefit, you can apply for the benefit through your local council if you are only applying for Housing Benefit.

You can also apply for Housing Benefit if you are applying for other benefits.

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