How many Pokemon are there?

SINCE its creation in 1996, the Pokemon series has taken the world by storm.

More Pokemon are added to the Pokedex with each new instalment of the game, so how many are there in 2021?

How many Pokemon are there?

There are a whopping 898 creatures that are part of the Pokemon family currently.

New generations are brought out on average every three to four years.

The new spawns of the Pokemon franchise feature new regions, moves and abilities which continue to evolve.

To date, there are eight generations.

Generation I

The first generation of Pokemon introduced the world to the likes of Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu.

The fictional characters of Generation I are numbered from 001 to 151 in the Pokedex.

Pikachu in particular has become incredibly popular since the first game's launch.

The character acts as a mascot for the pokemon brand which was no doubt helped with its role as Ash's companion in the anime series.

Pikachu has since branched out on its own, last spotted in the 2019 live-action film Detective Pikachu.

Eevee was another popular creature, in particular due to their evolution into a variety of new Pokemon – with more added throughout the generations.

Generation II

Generation II added another 100 Pokemon to the brood and saw the early evolutions of Pikachu, Clefairy and Jigglypuff introduced.

Several of these characters were advanced forms of previous Pokemon – seen in Pichu, Cleffa and Igglypuff, who take on a cuter, smaller version of themselves.

Other memorable additions include Meganium, Croconaw and Tyranitar.

The first Pokemon of this generation, number 152 is the grass-type Pokemon Chikorita and the last – number 251 – is the "Voice of the Forest" Celebi.

The fictional characters of Generation II are numbered from 152 to 251 in the Pokedex.

Generation III

A whole host of Ghost-type pokemon were added to the Pokedex in Generation III.

Duskull, who was the featured Pokemon in Pokemon Go's October 2021 Community Day, Banette and Shuppett got their debuts.

But there were also less spooky new Pokemon's were also given unusual type combinations and fully stepped into their gendered roles.

The diversity between the likes of number 315, Roselia and number 362, Glalie, proved a hit with Pokemon fans.

The fictional characters of Generation II are numbered from 252 to 386 in the Pokedex.

Generation IV

The fourth generation of Pokemon brought in another 107 fictional species.

Both Lucario and Garchomp from Generation IV were well received by fans across the globe.

Bastiodon, Gible, Weavile and Giratina were also introduced.

The fictional characters of Generation IV are numbered from 387 to 493 in the Pokedex.

Generation V

Generation V comes with the most pokemon.

A total of 156 pokemon was added to the Pokedex.

The Dark-Dragon-Type pokemon Hydreigon, an evolution of Deino and Zweilous, is one of the more commonly used pokemon from this generation.

Adorable additions including Herdier, Munna and Drilbur were released alongside the fierce newbies including Krookodile, Haxorus and Beartic.

The fictional characters of Generation V are numbered from 494 to 649 in the Pokedex.

Generation VI

Generation VI birthed 72 new Pokemon, including the much-loved water-type Greninja.

The colourful creature is most memorable for being part of Ash's team in the anime series.

But that's not forgetting the likes of Bararacle, Dedenne and Xerneas, who were also released in the sixth installment.

The fictional characters of Generation VI are numbered from 650 to 721 in the Pokedex.

Generation VII

Generation VII again marked another evolution of Pikachu – but not quite in the way you would expect.

Pokemon introduced Mimikyu, a Ghost-Fairy-Type who tries to disguise themselves as the furry yellow favourite.

Unfortunately, the costume just makes the Pokemon look less cute and more scary.

Toxapex, Oranguru and Buzzwole were also brought out.

The fictional characters of Generation VII are numbered from 722 to 809 in the Pokedex.

Generation VIII

The eighth-generation brought another 88 Pokemon characters into the world.

It's no surprise that Dragapult is a fan-favourite due to it being a Dragon-Type.

Not only is Dragapult a Ghost-Type but it also embodies the full evolution pokemon from Dreepy, which was also introduced in this generation.

Other notable characters include Toxtricity, an evolution of Toxel, which has abilities that include Punk Rock, meaning they can used sound to their benefit.

Dragapult, Runerigus and Coalossal were also included in this generation.

The fictional characters of Generation VIII are numbered from 810 to 898 in the Pokedex.

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