How to clean white goods: ‘Simple’ tinfoil hack for dishwashers leaves cutlery ‘shiny’

Can a dishwasher tablet help remove yellow pillow stains?

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Cleaning household appliances like dishwashers, ovens, tumble dryers and washing machines can be laborious and time-consuming. It can also be expensive to buy specific products to clean white goods. Now, Adam Morris from AppliancesMadeSimple, has shared his tips for cleaning white goods from dishwashers to tumble dryers.

Dishwasher cleaning

Adam suggested using a tinfoil hack to clean cutlery in dishwashers.

The “super simple” hack is reportedly supposed to make cutlery shiny.

He said: “Using tinfoil in your dishwasher, it’s a super simple way to get your cutlery shiny again.

“I tried this recently, and it worked wonders!”

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Another simple way to clean the inside of a dishwasher is using white vinegar.

Adam suggested running a regular cycle with a glass or cup of white vinegar inside.

The appliance expert said this hack will leave the inside of the dishwasher “sparkling”.

White vinegar can be found in most homes but is also relatively affordable to purchase.

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DriPak Pure White Vinegar costs £1.50 from Wilko.

Stardrops White Vinegar Spray costs 89p from The Range.

Tumble dryers

Many people have stopped using their tumble dryers due to the recent spike in energy bills.

The recent hot weather also means Britons can dry their clothes outside.

However, for those using tumble dryers in the cooler months, there are still ways to make drying more efficient.

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The appliance expert using dryer balls is a “fantastic way” to speed up how long it takes clothes to dry.

They also help to “save a bit of money”.

Washing machines

White vinegar can also be used in washing machines to make white laundry more white.

Adam said: “Adding half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda to your fabric softener draw is the perfect way to get white towels nice and white again.”

Baking soda is also an affordable household item which most people have around the home.

Dri-Pak Bicarbonate of Soda costs £2 from Ocado.

ASDA Bicarbonate of Soda is 55p from ASDA.

Duzzit Amazing Baking Soda Multi Purpose Household Cleaner is £1.50 from Amazon.


Oven cleaning can be a laborious task but there are ways to make it easier.

Using an oven liner, for example, saves time and stops tin foil being used instead.

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