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A SCRAPYARD owner has revealed the treasure he found inside his latest haul of abandoned cars bought on the cheap.

Silas took to his YouTube channel to give viewers a look inside some of the motors as he undertook a "junkyard treasure hunt".

He had a row of vintage vehicles lined up and went through them one by one to reveal their contents.

He explained: "I have no clue what's in them, so we're going to find out together.

"You just never know what you're going to find in these cars.

"You've got to check everywhere, you've got to look in all the little cubby holes…I check every spot."

In the course of his search, he came across a vast range of both everyday items and some more unique "treasure".

For example, the first vehicle he checked out had a rubbish bin stuck between the front seats, full to the brim with empty packets.

In another, he discovered a recipe for a spicy chicken curry as well as a box from Canadian jewellery brand Myka, which sadly turned out to be empty.

He did manage to locate some actual bling in other spots, including a chain bracelet and a necklace.

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Loose change was a common find, mostly pennies but a few nickels and dimes too.

Paperwork, CDs and even shoes all gave an eerie glimpse into the lives of those who owned the vehicles before they were left to rot.

There were also plenty of slightly whackier items, including a box of Girl Scout cookies, a Pokemon card, a bow tie, a fishing rod and a previous owner's ID card.

By the end, Silas had managed to extract about £4 in change, as well as an assortment of tools and things like video games that he could sell on for around £15 a pop.

Social media commenters were delighted with the clip.

One wrote: "Always love the treasure hunts."

Another added: "I love these junkyard treasure hunts, can't wait for more."

And a third said: "A fun treasure hunt."

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