‘I converted my garden shed into an affordable tiny home for only £12,000’

A young woman has been able to significantly cut her housing costs after converting a garden shed into a tiny home.

Tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular among fans of the minimalist lifestyle and those wanting to downsize.

This new way of living is considered comparatively cheaper to the modern housing market with rents and mortgage payments skyrocketing.

Makayla, a content creator on TikTok, shared her story of turning a small shed into a tiny home with her 800,000 followers.

According to the student, she was able to carry out this conversion for only £12,000 which was cheaper than living for one year on college campuses.

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In a recent video on her TikTok channel (@makaylaj2019), Makayla shared how the project took one year to complete and came under her $20,000 budget.

The content creator explained: “The shed itself was $6,795 (£5,264). We didn’t buy it outright. We’re making monthly payments on it.

“So far, everything that we bought, not including the shed, was $9,280 (£7,185). With the shed and everything we bought to renovate it, we have spent $16,075 (£12,447).”

When it came to furniture and appliances for her tiny home, Makayla spent less than £7,700 ($10,000).

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She and her father only had to purchase a hot water heater which cost anywhere from $300 (£232) to $400 (£309).

On her TikTok, the young woman filmed a house tour so people could see all the changes that had been made.

In the clip, Makalya showed a fully-furnished living room which included a couch and television set.

The tiny home also included an impressive kitchen which had wooden countertops and barstools.

Among the appliances she owned were a sizable fridge, a kitchen sink and a coffee maker.

Despite being a tiny home, her new abode also had room for a bathroom with a shower with sliding glass doors.

One of the more unique aspects of Makayla’s house is her bedroom which is a lofted area overlooking the rest of the home.

Stores, such as Home Depot, are currently selling similar structures to the shed for $12,000 (£9,293) which could be converted into a similar tiny home.

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