‘I found a vintage camera for £5 – it could be worth over £300’

One bargain hunter bought a popular but old-fashioned camera from a charity shop for the equivalent of just over £5 which sells for hundreds online.

Thrifting is when shoppers visit charity shops, such as Goodwill in the US, to find otherwise expensive items which are on sale for a much-reduced price.

On social media sites, such as Reddit, thrift shoppers share the various deals and savings they make with each other.

A Reddit user named Megacatt revealed they had purchased a vintage Nikon camera while thrifting.

Posting on the subreddit ThriftStoreHauls, the bargain hunter divulged their find which goes for 30 times the price.

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My Nikon camera I thrifted!
byu/Megacatt inThriftStoreHauls

On the page, the thrifty shopper posted a picture of the item alongside the caption: “My Nikon camera I thrifted.”

The camera in question appears to be an older model, black with a big lens and comes with a strap.

In the comment section of the post, fellow bargain hunters voiced their surprise at how cheap the Nikon product was.

Reddit user ickypuff_ asked: “Wow, great find! If you don’t mind me asking, how much was it?”

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In response, the original poster said: “About $7 (£5.61).” However, Nikon cameras sell for a lot more.

On eBay, this particular type of camera can sell anywhere from $100 (£80.10) to $250 (£200.25) depending on the make.

It should be noted that that Reddit poster did not divulge what model the camera she purchased from the thrift store was.

Based on online sales prices, collectors of vintage cameras are willing to fork over a lot of money to grow their collection.

For example, the Nikon 8008 is considered a collector’s item and has sold for up to $400 (£320.64).

Daily Express has previously covered various savings which have been made from thrifting in charity shops.

One man was able to purchase designer trainers from a charity shop for only the equivalent of £15.

Those interested in following more bargain-hunting finds can follow ThriftStoreHauls on Reddit for more deals.

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