I got ultimate revenge on my neighbour who left aggressive notes on my car in space war – but people are divided | The Sun

A DRIVER has revealed how she took revenge on her neighbour who kept leaving aggressive notes on her car in a parking row.

The notes began three years ago when the woman and her partner moved into their new home but found out their assigned parking space was too small for their car.

Posting on Reddit’s ‘Am I The A******’ channel, she asked if it was in the wrong by taking revenge on the awkward neighbour.

Recounting what she did, the woman said: “Our bay's wall had a jutting out pillar at the front, so you could only come into it at an angle and could never drive out straight as you would hit the pillar.

“If a car was next to the bay, you wouldn't be able to drive out at all and vice versa.

“We knew that if someone was in the bay next to ours, we should just park elsewhere and use our bay when there was room to fit in.”


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She explained that one day the neighbour demanded the couple stop using their space as the angle of their car affected his ability to park.

The neighbour at first left aggressive notes and then started parking his car in part of their slot as well, blocking them in and stopping them leaving their home.

At first she paid for another parking spot to avoid a confrontation with the neighbour, who’s she refers to by the fake name Patrick.

But when she bought a new car, she started using the space and was immediately blocked in again.

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“'At one point I had to crawl through my boot, take my handbrake off and physically pull the car out of the bay. Enough!”

She decided to retaliate against the neighbour and “parked right down the middle of our two bays and blocked him out the area entirely”.

Predictably, this triggered more aggressive notes which the neighbour claimed were “on behalf of all residents” and demanded she park elsewhere.

At this point she finally went to the building’s management and a first come first served system has now been introduced.

The woman’s action has divided opinion with some arguing the neighbour was in the wrong and others saying she should have taken it up with the building management earlier.

“You should have immediately taken this issue to your building manager years ago,” was one comment.

“Especially when it escalated to you being blocked in, which becomes a safety issue.”

Another added: “Park in your spot and only your spot and take it up with building management if anyone else is in your spot.”

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