I was fed up with my nightmare neighbour parking their car in the wrong spot – so I got my revenge | The Sun

A DRIVER who was fed up with her neighbour parking in the wrong spot was so furious she decided to get revenge.

The anonymous motorist claims their neighbour gets very aggressive when they try to speak with her to solve this situation.

Reddit user @u/Passedgas24 fumed: "She can't park right and always puts her car near my car.

"The issue is that her parking space is #6 and mine is #5, yet she parks at space #4. Since our other neighbour doesn't have a car, she lets her park in her parking space, and my [neighbour from hell] makes her brother park in their original #6 spot.

"I had actually talked to her about this issue literally almost a year ago, and she got defensive, and we screamed at each other."

Although they had raised the matter with their landlord, their neighbour keeps parking wherever she wants.


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They continued: "Recently, the landlord said he would give her a two months eviction notice if she parks badly again.

"She got scared and started parking well, but it only lasted for so long til she was back at it again.

"What did I do? Sent another complaint with pictures. What did the landlord do? He said he would send her a letter. Great! I thought she was going to get evicted finally."

"Honestly, I feel like I'm going to start parking shitty on purpose, too, because apparently, the landlord can't give two s***s."

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A commenter suggested the poster: "I would advise you to read and understand your [covenants, conditions, and restrictions] and any Rules (especially about parking) first. If this is assigned parking, make sure that's what's supposed to happen.

"If there is a rule about HOW someone parks and the rules allow, contact your property manager. Of course, if you are a renter, you personally have no say at all. If you rent, you need to convince your landlord to do all the above for you."

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