I was fined for parking outside my own home – I have left my car in the same spot for 25 years and never had a problem | The Sun

A PENSIONER who was fined for parking outside his own home said he has left his car in the same spot for 25 years – and has never had a problem.

Steve Frater, 60, was slapped with the penalty charge notice (PCN) while his car was parked on the dropped kerb outside his house in Newquay, Cornwall.

His daughter disputed the ticket after he branded it a "joke" – but was turned down.

The dad-of-three told CornwallLive: "When I saw the ticket I was just furious.

"I’m not paying the ticket. There is no way on earth. It’s a joke. I’ve lived here all this time and parked there for 25 years.

"It’s my parking and you can’t get a ticket for parking in your own drive."

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Steve said that the only part of the pavement and road which his motor blocked was his own drive.

He added that his rear wheel was "only just touching" the road – and that he left plenty of room for his neighbours.

Cornwall Council said: "Ticketing vehicles is a last resort and wherever possible Civil Enforcement Officers will seek to educate motorists and advise of any restrictions.

"However, when vehicles are observed in contravention of restrictions they may receive a Penalty Charge Notice.

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"There is a rigorous challenge and appeals process for anyone who believes they have incorrectly been issued with a penalty charge notice – with the option for the appeal to be heard by an Independent Tribunal Service if needed."

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