I was hit with a £60 fine for parking 47 SECONDS outside a McDonald's – I shouldn't have to pay | The Sun

A TAXI driver was slapped with a £60 fine for parking 47 seconds outside a McDonald's.

Kam Parvez had gone to the Trent Vale branch to pick up a customer.

But the 33-year-old was stunned to be slapped with the parking fine penalty at the Springfield Retail Park branch.

It was handed out after the car park operator claimed Kam had parked on yellow 'keep clear' markings near the entrance to the McDonald's car park.

Now Kam, from Meir Park, has managed to overturn the penalty after winning a second appeal.

And he was able to prove that he had never parked on the 'keep clear' markings as suggested by the company.


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Kam Parvez said:  "I was in there for 47 seconds, including the U-turn and including loading the customer into the vehicle.

"I was parked outside of the restricted area. The customer was already waiting on the roadside.

"They rejected my appeal and included a site map. In there, the area has a red line which goes all the way to the entrance of McDonald's.

"It's bigger than the area they've marked out on the road. I want the public to know.

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"They told me it was because I had entered the marked area and I had parked there.

"But I wasn't parked within the 'keep clear' area. I parked out of that area."

iPark Services has been contacted for comment.

Another driver called, Marcus Ward was fined £50 at McDonald's for parking outside the restaurant.

And Shapour Meftah was fined for eating his food too slowly.

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