I’m a car expert & loads of drivers don’t realise their motor has hidden FRIDGE nestled inside – here’s how to check | The Sun

A CAR expert claims that most drivers don't know their motor has a hidden fridge nestled inside.

If you're planning to go on a road trip this summer, it might be worth having a go at using this snazzy little trick to keep your drinks nice and cool.

TikTok user @conggeshuoche took to social media to show that the glovebox compartment in some cars can actually be used as a mini fridge.

He explained in the video: "Let me show you how to use it. First, find the air-con button on the centre console and turn it on. Set the temperature to L0.

"Then open the glove box on the passenger side. There is a knob in an inconspicuous place at the top.

"The default setting is off. Turn it clockwise. to turn the snowflake position outward, and this little fridge will start to cool down."


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The video has gone viral on social media, with more than 737,800 likes on TikTok – and 2,426 comments.

Most users have been left blown away after discovering that their cars have a hidden fridge.

One said: "I use it all summer in my Volkswagen Passat."

Another said: "I did not even know that."

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A third pointed out: "Thanks, brother Wong."

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