I'm a cleaning expert… here's my £2 hack for the perfect car interior | The Sun

A CLEANING expert has revealed a £2 hack to keep your car interior pristine.

A TikTokker used a 10-second video to demonstrate the trick using a surprise item cheaply available online.

The social media user @shihekai impressed by showing how the inside of your motor can be kept immaculate with just a small brush.

She riffled the bristles before sweeping it across a gleaming dashboard and other car interiors.

The 1pc car cleaning brush is available in the UK from Chinese fast fashion online retailers Shein.

Happy customers went online to praise it as "very useful and easy to store in a glove box" as well as "amazing quality and excellent value for money".

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Another told how it made small areas within the car "easy to reach".

The advice comes after motoring gurus recommended the best shampoos to maintaining a "sparkling" car exterior.

Similar household items recently recommended to reach tricky corners of cars include toothbrushes and make-up brushes.

An Uber driver described how she keeps her motor clean, while a professional explained how best to remove grime from car seats.

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And there have also been tips on getting rid of spots from windshields, while a self-proclaimed "lazy girl" illustrated how to polish your car interiors with very little effort.

Yet driving organisations have also warned about a supposed 99p car cleaning hack plus others which could cost you thousands.

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