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AN expert mechanic has revealed why you should never buy an electric vehicle.

Scotty Kilmer took to his YouTube channel to explain the top five maintenance issues that EVs experience and why they are so riddled with problems.

Scotty said: "Electric cars have complex electrical components.

"The battery is one of the most expensive parts of the electric vehicle.

"Its condition affects the residual value of the entire EV."

He warned that batteries can become damaged and even fail completely if left in conditions which are too hot or cold, or even due to overcharging.


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The power unit will last around 10 years under "normal driving conditions" before a replacement is needed, he added.

Likewise, he said that the range of the EV decreases by around 2% every year, which won't help drivers' range anxiety.

Secondly, EV tyres can require some extra servicing compared to petrol-powered equivalents.

Scotty said: "EV tyres are anything but low maintenance.

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"Some have reported tyres needing to be replaced at just 28,000 miles."

For comparison, tyres usually last for around 30,000 miles.

He explained that traditional motors usually have their tyres rotated to preserve them during servicing but, since EVs often don't require trips to the garage as often, this may not happen on electric models regularly.

The extra weight of EVs with similar tyre sizes compared to traditional models also adds to the wear and tear.

Not only does this mean the tyres wear out faster, but it also stops owners from making a warranty claim on them, as tyre rotation is often a warranty condition.

A full tyre replacement can cost anywhere upwards of £1,000 and sometimes more depending on the sort of tyres your car requires.

That leads into another key issues with EVs: the upfront cost of buying them.

Electric cars can currently cost anywhere between double and triple the price of their traditional equivalents.

Scotty added: "When it comes to EVs [maintenance] costs are lower, except when it comes to tyres.

"But don't forget too, you paid way more, two or three times more, for the electric version.

"Tesla, for example…you're paying a luxury price."

Likewise, though EVs need less regular maintenance when they do need repairs, they are often more expensive as the technology is still evolving and there are far fewer specialist EV mechanics.

For example, replacing a battery in a Tesla Model S comes with a price tag of £9,400 just for the battery on top of anywhere between £500 and £2,000 for labour costs.

Finally, Scotty also slammed EVs as a "scam" as the rocketing cost of electricity means that one of their key appeals has "vaporized".

Energy prices have rocketed in the past year as the emergence from Covid lockdowns combined with Russia's invasion of Ukraine put immense upward pressure on the price of oil and gas.

Amid a cost of living crisis, many consumers just can't afford to give up cheap, petrol-powered rides.

However, Scotty said that this was just the "tip of the iceberg" as, if everyone switches to electric, he believes road tax will be applied to energy bills rather than fuel prices.

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