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AN expert mechanic has explained why you should never make DIY repairs to your motor.

David Long, also known as the Car Wizard, took to his YouTube channel to warn drivers against taking on important maintenance jobs themselves.

He shared cautionary tales of motorists coming in for repairs that were "way more complicated than they needed to be" due to the car's owner tinkering under the hood.

David said: "Back in the day…a lot of people did fix their own cars.

"There were no computers to get p***** off.

"But today, unless it's something simple like brake pads…unless you have really researched it or know exactly what you are doing, you should probably not take stuff apart on your vehicle and try to remedy situations."



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He particularly urged against DIY repairs in the case of any electrical issues or when the car's driveability is affected, as you could just make things worse.

Instead, David advised taking your car to a professional, who likely has the know-how and the specialist equipment needed to diagnose and fix any problems.

Basic maintenance like oil changes or brake pad replacement can still be done at home and are a great way to save on repair bills.

But when it comes to more complicated issues, it's definitely worth making sure the job is done right rather than cheaply.

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Trying to do it yourself could actually end up costing you more if your attempt at repairs causes more damage than otherwise.

Social media commenters were stunned by the advice.

One wrote: "I'm a fully qualified mechanic (though not working in a garage), and I still do tonnes of research before attempting anything on my own car if it's something I'm unsure about, that way I can find out either how to do it, or if it's something I don't want to mess with."

Another added: "I always thought cars would become less complicated and more reliable with computers but it's gone totally the opposite direction."

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