I’m a psychologist – here’s what the make of your car says about you…and which vehicle means you're the rudest on road | The Sun

A PSYCHOLOGIST has revealed what your choice of car says about your character – and which drivers tend to be rudest on the road.

Expert Jo Hemmings has pegged BMW owners as the most aggressive motorists – while people behind the wheel of a Toyota Prius prove to be the most timid.

She says BMW fans are most likely to hog the middle lane, brake sharply, beep their horn and give other motorists the middle finger.

The behavioural psychologist highlighted what she called BMW owners' "sense of entitlement" – as well as their desire to "show off".

Yet in stark contrast are "calm, considered and measured" Toyota Prius owners, she says.

Her insights follow previous polling which has seen BMW voters voted the least popular on the road.

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She has now told Sun Online: "Given that the BMW has been ranked as the UK’s safest and most reliable car, it might seem odd that they have been ranked as Britain’s rudest drivers.

"There is a sense of entitlement about the BMW driver – they know and are not afraid to show off their sleek, high-performance motor.

"Studies have been done that reveal a link between wealth and careless driving and drivers of expensive vehicles like Mercs and BMWs are more likely to break traffic regulations and consider themselves to be 'kings of the road'."

Yet she put Toyota Prius drivers "at the other end of the scale" – even if their mild-mannered motoring could prove frustrating to others in its own way,

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She said: "They are so calm, considered and measured in their driving that they are most likely to irritate you as they drive slowly in fast lanes."

And she warned the eco-friendly hybrid Prius has "now become a symbol of self-righteousness, annoying almost as many other road users as BMW drivers".

Jo has also explained the character traits exposed by the style of car you buy.

Hatchbacks are among the most common models – and she says people choosing them are "likely to rank practicality above looks and speed".

She said: "You don't care about others' opinions and are generally happy with your life.

"You're likely to be easy-going and friendly."

Those opting for sports utility vehicles or "Chelsea tractors" tend to have either large families or "simply a self-assured and dominant personality", she believes.

The psychologist added: "You'll like the height of an SUV – it gives better road visibility but also confers a sense of power, authority and a dash of arrogance".

Meanwhile, she labels sports car owners as "adrenaline junkies" who "enjoy being spontaneous and tend to be extrovert, outgoing individuals".

Jo went on: "They like to be noticed – they also like to take risks, sometimes on the road, and are often considered to be show-offs or reckless by others.

"On the plus side, you are likely to be a natural leader and successful in your chosen career."

Meanwhile, saloon car owners are said to be "most often the choice of professionals who want to show their achievements in car form".

She said of them: "You're probably rational and logical in your professional life but kind, caring and loyal in your personal life."

Estate cars are "not the most exciting", but she suggested if you own one: "You are highly practical, not overly extrovert and simply see a car as a means of getting from A to B with the least fuss."

As for convertible cars, Jo describes them as "definitely for the optimistic, given the inconsistency of the British climate".

She said: "Convertible drivers prioritise fun over practicality and see driving as an experience rather than a means of getting from one place to another."

Jo has previously advised on what different colours of car can reveal about your personality – including which particular hue indicates you're a perfectionist.

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A motoring expert has also offered his perspectives on what your choice of first car reveals about you – and which to swerve.

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