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RUSH hour traffic doesn't just hit the roads but also your internet network, a Wi-Fi expert has cautioned.

Fortunately, there's an easy change all households can make to boost their speeds instantly.

Internet providers, including BT, have warned of slower speeds when the network is congested.

"Similar to rush-hour traffic, the speed you'll get depends partly on how many people are using the network," according to BT in a help forum on its website.

"During peak periods, usually 8pm to 10pm, you may sometimes notice slightly slower speeds."

Facing buffering TV and lagging games can be a right pain when you're trying to kick back after a long day of work or school.


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As Austin Aguirre, former broadband technician turned journalist, put it: "Everyone gets home from work or school and starts digging into their daily dose of streaming, games, social media.

"An internet network can handle only so much web traffic or bandwidth."

But how much a network slows down depends on the individual broadband and the internet infrastructure in the area.

"When there’s more simultaneous web traffic than the network can support, it becomes congested and slows down," Aguirre explained on tech blog HighSpeedInternet.

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"Network congestion also happens when there’s too much web traffic on your home network, like when everyone in your household starts downloading or streaming at once."

What's the fix?

There is an easy fix that is free – but it may be unpopular.

You can either avoid using the Wi-Fi during peak times – typically between 8pm and 10pm.

Or, you can try stagger your household's internet usage.

But if you're not a fan of rationing, you can change to a cable or fiber internet service provider instead of a DSL or satellite internet company.

Alternatively, you can contact your broadband company and get a faster internet plan to facilitate more online activity at one time.

But you can also download the Netflix movies or TV shows you want to watch ahead of time.

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