I'm a Wi-Fi expert – increase internet speed instantly by finding 'speed hog' device that's 'gone wild' on your network | The Sun

WI-FI experts have shared a handy trick that can help you deal with a slow network connection.

People around the globe will agree that a slow Wi-Fi connection is frustrating, and at the very least, annoying.

Several things can cause your network connection to slow down.

This includes bandwidth hogs – bandwidth refers to the capacity at which a network can transmit data.

When this data, or bandwidth is used up, it keeps it from other devices or activities, resulting in lags.

This is known as "bandwidth hogging," and there are many services and activities that do this.


One of the biggest culprits of bandwidth hogging today is video streaming services, such as Netflix.

"Netflix tends to be the top offender, partly due to its popularity and a vast library of content," internet provider Daystarr Communications shared in a blog post.

Because people often stream Netflix on many devices in a single household, this can add up to a lot of data used at once.

YouTube and other video-based social media platforms like TikTok are also up there in terms of bandwidth consumption.

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A second user of bandwidth is smart TVs because they tend to be equipped with enhanced technology.

"High-definition, 4K, and 4K Ultra-HD TVs produce stunning imagery and hog lots of bandwidth in the process," Daystarr said.

And, of course, another bandwidth hod is online gaming, which can be very detrimental to Wi-Fi connectivity.

"Online gaming is incredibly problematic from a bandwidth perspective because the information is shared—from the player back to the server and the server back to the player," Daystarr noted.

"It often jams the internet connection for gamers and others in the house."


if you don't want to give up gaming or streaming, then one of your best options to avoid this is to upgrade to fiber internet.

"DSL, cable, and satellite internet don’t have fiber’s high speeds or bandwidth capacity because fiber’s innovative design and cutting-edge materials allow for data to transfer faster and in much higher volumes," Daystarr added.

If you already have fiber internet and want to better your Wi-Fi connection, you can increase your plan’s maximum speeds.

You can also set alerts for excess utilization to avoid too much bandwidth hogging all at once.

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To do this, you can head to your Wi-Fi settings on your desktop and it should be under usage.

Or you can call your Wi-Fi provider and speak with them directly about setting up alerts.

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