I'm an expert mechanic… here's the WORST place you can take your broken down motor – they'll only rip you off | The Sun

AN EXPERT mechanic has revealed the WORST place you can take your broken down motor.

Scotty Kilmer has been a mechanic for over 55 years – and has a hugely popular YouTube account where he warns drivers about possible scams.

Speaking on his @scottykilmeroofficial channel, he catches a car dealership scamming a customer.

He said: "Today we got a popular SUV here – a Jeep Grand Cherokee – and a dealer wants thousands of dollars to repair it.

"I think it's a scam to rip her off so we are going to analyse this thing with my machine."

After running tests on the vehicle and taking it out for a spin, Scotty concluded "this one is in excellent shape".

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"The dealer is just trying to rip her off for thousands of dollars. It doesn't need any work really whatsoever.

"For what she paid, it's in excellent shape. But of course the dealer tried to sell her thousands of dollars of stuff that the vehicle doesn't need.

"You've got to find an honest mechanic like me which is almost an impossibility these days."

And social media users were quick to praise Scotty for identifying the scam.

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One said: "It's pretty sad that there are very few honest people like you who aren't out to vacuum money from people."

Another commented: "Scotty, when your fans run across these shady dealerships and you feel they're trying to rip off their customers, name the dealerships. Name 'em and SHAME 'EM!!"

A third retorted: "I would like to see the list of all the faults the dealer found and itemised charges."

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