I'm an expert mechanic who's fixed thousands of motors – EVs are SO dumb… they'll never last for long-haul journeys | The Sun

AN EXPERT mechanic who has fixed thousands of cars has revealed why he thinks electric vehicles are "dumb".

Scotty Kilmer – who shares tips and advice for drivers on social media – says electric cars aren't good for long-haul journeys.

On the footage the cars expert offered his opinion of the low-emission car as he proceeded to rubbish it.

He told his over five million followers the reason why electric trucks are "not a good choice".

Scotty slammed: "Electric semi's for long hauls are stupid."

The motors influencer thinks the EVs are "dumb" and are "not made for people to drive on long journeys".

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The expert explained the limited vehicles can't use batteries for long journeys.

He said: "Long haul trucks can't use batteries. They're too big and too hard to recharge.

"Instead, hydrogen and fuel trucks will be good for the big 18 wheelers which they are already using in Germany and the rest of Europe."

The clip is part of a series of posted videos where he urges drivers not to switch to electric as they are a "scam" and can even "pollute more than gasoline".

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The video has now gone viral gaining thousands of views and over 5,500 likes from fellow car enthusiasts.

Users took to the comments section to share their views in support of the video.

One user said: "Scotty I’ll stick to gasoline like you said got my 95 Nissan truck and my 23 Toyota Camry I’m good."

Another added: "I never believed electric and still believe the best selling solution will be some kind of hydrogen hybrid.

"Because we can easily swap out hydrogen canisters and the range is better."

But not everyone is convinced as loyal EV drivers disagreed and claimed the modern cars are "superior" to fuel engines.

@bossman6174 said: "I drive an EV and I think these vehicles are superior to gas and diesel.

"At a traffic light you leave them in the dust. Gas and diesel are just painfully slow."

On another video, the expert mechanic revealed why you should never buy an electric vehicle.

Scotty Kilmer took to his YouTube channel to explain the top five maintenance issues that EVs experience and why they are so riddled with problems.

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It comes as another motors expert revealed the expensive reason why you should not buy an EV.

Electric vehicle technology has improved at a rapid pace, with a wider choice of cars and advancements over the years.

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